Patrícia Oliveira-Silva visits Nottingham Trent University, under the CAPSULE project

Patrícia Oliveira-Silva, director of the Human Neurobehavioral Laboratory (HNL) and PI of the project CAPSULE (“Physiological Indices of the Deleterious Effects of Unrealistic Media Images on Body Satisfaction: A Cross-Cultural Investigation”, funded by the BIAL Foundation), is visiting our partner Nottingham Trent University (NTU, in the city of Nottingham - England) during the next 15 days to collect data for the project, provide training in neurophysiological measures for students and researchers and give a talk for NTU community. The project CAPSULE is being implemented in three countries (Portugal, England, and the United States). 

The central CAPSULE aim is to explore the relationship between the emotion regulation ability and body satisfaction among young women. With this study we intend
(1) to provide knowledge on the impact of thinness messages conveyed by media;
(2) to increase understanding of the autonomic nervous system underlying emotion regulation;
(3) to contribute to explain the extent to which culture moderates the impact of media on body image, comparing Portuguese, British and American samples;
(4) to provide empirical support for strategies aiming to decrease the deleterious effect of media images on body image; and
(5) to inform future policy and public health interventions.