Luísa Antunes Ribeiro published an article in Journal of Cognition and Development

Luísa Antunes Ribeiro, invited lecturer at FEP and researcher at CEDH, has published the article: 

Ribeiro, L., Casey, B., Dearing, E. & Nordahl, K. , Aguiar, C., Zachrisson. H. (2020). Early Maternal Spatial Support for Toddlers is Associated with Math Skills in Second Grade. Journal of Cognition and Development

The article describes a longitudinal study about the relation between spatial support during parent-child interaction tasks with 2-year-olds and math achievement in second grade. Results obtained with a sample of 932 mother-child dyads showed that higher levels of spatial support during a puzzle task were associated with fewer math difficulties in second grade. Conclusions are drawn with respect to identifying optimal parental strategies associated with better math outcomes, as well as guiding future interventions directed at parents of children at risk for poor math skills.