CEDH-UCP and CRE.Porto present results of the project "Nature is the Best Classroom", at the XVI Galician-Portuguese International Congress of Psychopedagogy

On September 2nd, exploratory results of the project "Nature is the Best Classroom" were presented at the XVI Congresso Internacional Galego-Português de Psicopedagogia, through oral communication entitled “The role of pro-environmental attitudes and behaviors on adolescents' involvement at the school”. It was possible not only to publicize the educational project to the scientific community, as well as to show the positive influence that pro-environmental attitudes and behaviors tend to have on the school involvement of students in the elementary school. This study is integrated in the partnership between CRE.Porto with CEDH-UCP, and it was developed by the teachers and researchers Marisa Costa and Alexandra Carneiro and by the Master's student Sofia Fernandes.