Catholic researchers publish an article in the international magazine Music Education Research

The HNL/CEDH researcher António Oliveira has just published an article in the Music Education Research international journal, belonging to the 1st Quartile in the area of Music. He has as co-authors his Ph.D. supervisors (Patrícia Oliveira-Silva and Luísa Mota Ribeiro from the Faculty of Education and Psychology, and Gary McPherson from the University of Melbourne in Australia) and an external researcher (Fabiana Ribeiro). The article is entitled "Disentangling motivation within instrumental music learning: A systematic review," representing the first systematic review of the literature on motivation to study a musical instrument. In this article, the authors demonstrate that parental support at the beginning of musical studies is fundamental for the development of musical identity, that students with a malleable view of talent are more successful because they understand that high-quality performance is the result of the quantity and quality of the study and that teachers should help students develop autonomy and self-regulation.

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January 2021