Catarina Morais co-authored a paper published in the "Accounting Research Journal"

Catarina Morais, lecturer at Faculty of Education and Psychology and researcher at CEDH, co-authored "Impact of COVID-19 on undergraduate business students: a longitudinal study on academic motivation, engagement and attachment to university", a paper recently published in the Accounting Research Journal. This longitudinal study looks at the academic experience of students who abruptly changed to online classes during the COVID19 pandemic and compares it with a control group formed by students from the previous year who did not have to deal with these changes. The results show that overall there are no differences in terms of motivation, engagement and attachment to the university (with the exception of the dedication dimension, which is inferior for students during the pandemic) and, therefore, the paper shares some practices that may have helped to buffer the negative effects of such abrupt change.

Pasion, R., Dias-Oliveira, E., Camacho, A., Morais, C., & Campos-Franco, R. (2020). Impact of COVID-19 on undergraduate business students: A longitudinal study on academic motivation, engagement, and attachment to university. Accounting Research Journal. Doi:

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January 2021