Transitions and Psychological and Social Development

In this research group, the interaction of individuals with their institutional context acquires particular importance. Its focus is on the perceptions and responses of individuals regarding the development of organizations, policies and practices associated with family, employment, justice and health, in the various fields of social life.

Considering that this group is focused on the individual’s development, when facing challenges and transformations that occur along their lives, we will analyze the following circumstances: changes during the formative years as well as lifelong learning; the entrance in the job market, career progression and employment/unemployment situations; migration and integration and/or exclusion processes; and, regarding the justice system, the institutionalization and reintegration into society.


Group Coordinator: Ana Filipa Sobral



Research Projects:

  • REVIJ Project - REparation to the VIctim in the european Juvenile justice systems: Comparative analysis and transfer of best practices
  • MIPREDET Project Analysis of procedures and conditions of MInors’ PRE-trial DETention