Psychological Development and Well-being

In this research group, the individual psychological development is explored, particularly addressing issues related to basic psychological processes underlying human behavior. Although the research focus is individual, the study of individual development is placed within the context of the multiple systems in which the individual is embedded, such as family, health and clinical contexts.

The heterogeneity and range of expertise in this research group brings together varying and enriching perspectives on the cognitive-emotional dynamics that encourage or undermine the flexibility needed to adapt the own behavior to demanding conditions. These perspectives go beyond the understanding of basic psychological processes, ranging from assessment to psychological intervention, with the main objective of understanding developmental trajectories, whether normative or psychopathological, at all stages of the life cycle.


Group Coordinator: Patrícia Oliveira-Silva


António Fonseca

Bárbara Machado

Elisa Veiga

Filipa Palha

Luísa Campos

Lurdes Veríssimo

Maria Carmo Carvalho

Maria Raúl Xavier

Patrícia Oliveira-Silva

Pedro Dias

Vânia Sousa Lima

Alexandra Carneiro


Research Projects: