Education and Development

This research group aims to study the development of territories, organizations and individuals in educational context. The research activity is organized in three levels that are interconnected and have a mutual influence on each other: a macro level, focused on the learning processes in specific territories and / or communities; a meso level, centred on the study of educational organizations and a micro level, relating to the actions and interactions developed in the formal educational context that is the classroom. As main research topics we highlight: Municipal Educational Projects; leadership, school management and the improvement of schools; promotion of success at school and prevention of school dropout; models and practices of educational innovation; teaching and learning strategies; curricular, professional and organizational development and school evaluation and improvement.

The research developed by this group has the objective of contributing to a holistic and integrated approach of educational processes, producing knowledge that contributes to the personal, professional, organizational and territorial development in the educational field.


Coordinator: Ilídia Cabral



Research Projects: