Researchers from Project EDUgest published an article on the School Leadership & Management Journal

Mireia Tintoré, Rosário Serrão Cunha, Ilídia Cabral and José Matias Alves are authors of the article entitled “Giving voice to problems faced by school leaders in Portugal”, published in Open Acess format in the  Journal School Leadership & Management. This article is a result of a study developed in partnership with Mireia Tintoré, a researcher from Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, within the research project EDUGest – School Management Management and School Improvement, and focuses on the current problems faced by Portuguese school principals, through these actors’ voice. A framework to analyse the emerged problems and practical recommendations are proposed to improve educational leadership.

Espuny, M.T., Cunha, R.S., Cabral, I., Alves, J.M. (2020). Giving voice to problems faced by school leaders in Portugal. School Leadership & Management.