Portuguese researcher named European delegate of the Psychology Sectorial Group of IFCU

Pedro Dias and Vânia Sousa Lima, FEP faculty members and CEDH researchers, participated at the General Assembly of the Psychology Sectorial Group of the International Federation of Catholic Universities (PSG-IFCU), in Bengaluru (India), presenting the preliminary program of the 7th Psychology Congress of PSG-IFCU, to be held at Universidade Católica Portuguesa, in Porto, in 2020. At this General Assembly, Vânia Sousa Lima was elected as the European delegate of the Executive Committee, for a 2 years mandate.


Pedro Dias and Vânia Sousa Lima also participated at 6th International Psychology Congress (Eastern and Western Psychology: Singularity, Diversity and Integration) - International Federation of Catholic Universities. Held in Bangalore (India), between October 3rd and 6th, during this event the researchers also presented a research work in partnership with Carlos Coelho (CEDH’s researcher, Chulalongkorn University – Tailândia) titled: “Motion Sickness and Phobia/Panic Symptoms: cross cultural study with Thai and Portuguese young adults”.

November 2018