High school students visit FEP to listen to a lecture about “How the brain learns?”

CEDH developed a set of activities focused on the interface between Neuroscience and Education aligned with the actions of its neuroscience laboratory, Human Neurobehavioral Laboratory (HNL), and established a partnership with several schools from the North of Portugal. The first activity was held on January 7th in Porto, sponsored by Rosana Magalhães, who had 55 high school students from Agrupamento de Escolas de Vilela.

The “Cientificamente Provável” programme is a joint initiative of the Portuguese State Department of Education through the School Libraries Network and the State Secretariat for Science, Technology and Higher Education. The aim is to create partnerships between schools and higher education institutions with the aim of widening the link between these educational contexts, intensify the promotion of knowledge and contribute to the enrichment of the students of primary and secondary education.

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January 2019