First UPA Award

Celebrations of the World Mental Day 2014
Living with schizophrenia
International Conferences and Workshops

24th and 25th October, Catholic University of Portugal, Porto


25th October | 9 pm | Palácio da Bolsa | Celebration Dinner of ENCONTRAR+SE

Delivery of the First Award UPA to:

- Zé Pedro Reis, founding guitarist of Portuguese rock band Xutos e Pontapés, for his key role in enabling the first campaign and ongoing support to various initiatives of the UPA movement.

- Kjell Magne Bondevik, former Prime Minister of Norway, for his courage to assume publically to suffer from a mental disorder.

- Rosalynn Carter, former First Lady of the United States, who for more than 35 years is engaged to defending the rights of persons with mental disorders.



The UPA Movement - United to Help, whose motto is "Stand up against stigma and discrimination of mental disorders," carries since 2007 several initiatives to raise awareness and promotion of mental health and to fight stigma associated with mental illnesses.