FEP's professor and former students are co-authors of chapter in a newly published book

Catarina Ribeiro, FEP teacher and CEDH researcher is co-author of chapter "A Entrevista de Crianças no Contexto Forense" ("Interviewing children in the forensic context") in the recently published book "Psicologia, Justiça e Ciências Forenses: Perspetivas Atuais" (Psychology, Justice and Forensic Sciences - current perspectives").
Alongside wit Carlos Peixot and Catarina Ribeiro, other co-authors are Telma Almeida and Raquel Veludo, former students at the Masters in Psychology of Justice and Deviance at FEP. The book is coordinated by Mauro Paulino and Fátima Almeida and integrates contributions from relevant national and international authors.
The book intends to be an example of excellence in the field, with contributions that are gathered among the author's theorectical and applied backgrounds, thus offering answers to current needs in the field, as well as new lines of research and intervention.
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