CEDH Researcher receives best E-poster award at the International Congress about Eating Disorders

Bárbara Cesar Machado, faculty member of the School of Education and Phycology and researcher at CEDH, is the first author and the co-author of two e-posters presented at the III International Congress of the Center for Eating Disorders, held between November 9 and 10, at Universidade do Minho. The first one, titled "Invalidating childhood environments, difficulties in establishing close romantic relationships and eating psychopathology: The role of attachment in eating disorders”, received an award for best e-poster.

The e-poster awarded was prepared jointly with several researchers from the Psychotherapy and Psychopathology Research Unit (CIPsi) from the School of Psychology, from University of Minho - Ana Isabel Vieira, Tânia Rodrigues, Paulo P. Machado, Sónia Gonçalves -, along with Isabel Brandão, Sertório Timóteo and Patrícia Nunes from the Psychiatry department, from Faculty of Medicine, in Porto.

“The role of the perception of family environment in relation to body dissatisfaction, disordered eating and difficulties in close relationships” was the title of the second poster. Bárbara Cesar Machado prepared this one with the researchers of the Psychotherapy and Psychopathology Research Unit, namely: Sónia Gonçalves, Célia Moreira, Mónica Gonçalves, and Ana Isabel Vieira.

November 2018