Bárbara Cesar Machado author of an article published in the Journal of Men’s Studies

CEDH’s researcher Bárbara Cesar Machado is author of an article published on Journal of Men’s Studies, now available as 'Online First'. The article is titled “Eating Disorders in Males: A Case Series Study to Evaluate Putative Risk Factors” and was co-authored with Inês Buinhas, Natália Granja, Márcia Cunha, Joana Sá and João Machado, former students of the MSc in Clinical Psychology from FEP-UCP, Sónia Gonçalves and Ana Isabel Vieira, CIPsi (Universidade do Minho) researchers’, and Isabel Brandão, Sertório Timóteo e Patrícia Nunes, researchers from the Psychiatry Department of the Faculty of Medicine (Centro Hospitalar S. João, Porto).
February 2020