Fabiana Ribeiro


I am a Junior research in the Faculdade de Educação e Psicologia at the Universidade Católica Portuguesa. I obtained Bachelors in Psychology in 2010 from the Universidade Estadual Mesquita Filho (UNESP – Brazil), in 2013 I achieved my master’s degree in Psychology of Learning and Development from UNESP, in which I explored the effects of musical training on children with learning disabilities regarding mnesic abilities, executive functions, and mathematical skills, and in 2019 I finished my Ph.D. in Basic Psychology, in which I investigated the effects of the emotions evoked by music in the mnesic capacity. Overall, my research focuses on emotion, physiological responses, development, learning, memory, and uses of music as a cognitive and emotional development tool.

Scientific areas of activity
  • Psychology of music
  • Music and emotion
  • Effects of music training on cognitive and emotional capacities
  • Physiological responses to emotional stimuli
  • Memory and emotion
  • Learning disabilities rehabilitation
Academic CV

Research Centre for Human Development (CEDH)