Eugénia Fernandes


My name is Eugénia Fernandes, I have a PhD degree in Experimental Psychology and Cognitive Sciences, by University of Minho (Portugal). My doctoral research was supported by a FCT grant and focused on the numerical abilities of pigeons, preschool children and adults. I was particularly interested in understanding how young children map nonverbal numerosities onto a spatial continuum. I have recently joined the Human Neurobehavioral Laboratory - HNL. I collaborate in the planning, data collection and analysis of the results of the lab’s ongoing research projects. I am particularly interested in the specific patterns of behavioral and physiological results of different caffeine intake modalities.

Scientific areas of activity
  • Experimental Psychology;
  • Neurosciences;
  • Cognitive Sciences;
  • Psychophysiological effects of caffeine;
Academic CV

Research Centre for Human Development (CEDH)